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North Shore


This is the place to take your first surf lesson. They claim that almost every student stands on their board during their first lesson. 

They offer private, semi private, family, and group lessons. They keep the student to teacher ratio low, with at least one instructor for every 4 students.

Their team of instructors are all female and all professional surfers. And bonus, they’re all certified lifeguards. Some have even been in movies or traveled the world for competitions. They get high marks for being friendly and giving great instruction to newbie surfers.


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  • Surf and SUP lesson times are 9am, 12pm, and 3pm daily. They can do custom times for large groups, semi-private, and private lessons.


Lessons are held at either Pua’ena Point or Chun’s Reef. They evaluate the surf each day and take you to the safest and most fun location for your lesson. When you book your class, they’ll email you with maps and directions.



  • Group Surf Lessons: ~$60 - $80 / person

  • Private Family Surf Lessons: $99.95 / person

  • Private and Semi-Private Surf Lessons: ~$120 - $190

  • *1 hour lessons are about 25% less than 2 hour ones.


All levels. They specialize in beginner lessons.

Time Estimate

1 -2 hours


Distances will vary depending on which beach your lessons are at (either Pua’ena Point or Chun’s Reef)

  • North Shore Macadamia Nut Company — ~3 min drive

  • Waimea Valley — ~5min drive

  • Farm To Barn Cafe & Juicery — ~5 min drive

  • Matsumoto Shave Ice — ~5 min drive

  • Ehukai Pillbox Hike — ~15 min drive

Specialize in beginner lessons for kids and adults. They say that 99.9% of students stand up in their first lesson. Teachers are professional surfers.

North Shore Surf Girls


A boy and a girl learning how to surf on the North Shore in Oahu, Hawaii

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  • If it’s your first time surfing, go with the 2 hour lesson.

  • Most people will stand up on their first lesson. Some may even catch waves themselves. But to learn how to read waves and where to paddle into them takes multiple lessons. A minimum of 3 lessons is a good start.

  • They teach in the rain, but they also offer the option to reschedule or refund the lesson fee if you don’t want to surf in the rain.

  • You can hold onto the surf equipment for an hour after your lesson if you want to keep practicing. 



  • Lessons include Surftech surfboards and leashes and Lycra rash guards.

  • They claim that 99.9% of students stand up in their first lesson. 

  • This is the only Hawaii surf school where all surf instructors are certified lifeguards.

  • They keep a high student to teacher ratio. There are never have more than 4 students per instructor. 

  • You can choose between private lessons (1 student to 1 instructor), semi-private lessons (2 students to 1 instructor), private family lessons (3 students to one instructor), and public group lessons (4 students to 1 instructor). 

  • All lessons can either be 1 or 2 hours long, except for the private family lessons. Those are only always 2 hours.

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  • They teach kids as young as 4 years old. They require that you book a private or tandem lesson for anyone under 8 years old.



  • Their female surf instructors include former pro surfers, lifeguards, Bay Watch stunt doubles and have even been featured in the surf movie, “Blue Crush.” 

Last Updated 5 / 3 / 21

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