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Haleiwa + Waikiki


The Sunrise Shack makes you happy just looking at it. It started off as a bright yellow, little roadside stand, right across from Sunset Beach. Yellow and orange picnic tables are scattered in front. The whole vibe is sunny and laid back. They’re popular with early morning surfers. They’ve added 2 more locations (Waikiki and across from Shark’s Cove).


They’re best known for their super healthy, fresh fruit smoothie bowls and their bullet coffee. Everything is local, all-natural, and organic.


Sure, you can get yourself an acai bowl, but you’ll also find some more unusual (but equally tasty) superfood ingredients, like matcha and spirulina, which give their bowls natural blue or green tints. 


Choose from 9 different Bullet Coffees. (Not sure what Bulletproof Coffee is? It’s a keto version of coffee that mixes butter and MCT oil into it.) Sunrise Shack’s version is special because they use grass-fed butter and flavor some of them with things like coconut oil, Turmeric Creamer, Mac Nut Butter, and Laird Superfood Creamer.


Everything about this place, from the happy looking shack, to the benches with rainbows painted on them, to the pretty looking smoothie bowls are totally photogenic. It’s no longer under the radar, and quickly becoming more and more popular. 



Coffee, Bowls, and Smoothies


Order for Pickup

Location 1: Sunset Beach (The Original)

59-158 Kamehameha Hwy

Haleiwa, HI 96712



Location 2: Waikiki (The Outrigger Hotel)

2335 Kalakaua Ave

Honolulu, HI 96815



Location 3: Shark’s Cove

59-712 Kamehameha Hwy

Haleiwa, HI 96712




Online Shop



  • Coffee: $5 - $6.50

  • Bowls: ~$12

  • Smoothies: ~$9

  • Avocado Toast ~$8 - $11


Haleiwa (Original location)

  • Sunset beach is right across the street

  • Ted's Bakery — 10 min walk (1 min drive)

  • Ehukai Pillbox Hike — 2 min drive (15 min walk)

  • Banzai Pipleline — 3 min drive

  • Fumi's Kahuku Shrimp — 9 min drive

Shark's Cove

  • Shark's Cove — 4 min walk

  • Pūpūkea Beach Park — 6 min walk

  • Waimea Valley — 5 min drive (15 min walk)


  • International Market Place — 3 min walk

  • Marukame Udon — 5 min walk

  • Kuhio Beach — 10 min walk

Cute yellow shack right across the street from Sunset Beach (and 2 other spots). Healthy and tasty Smoothie Bowls and Bullet Coffee. Picture perfect in every way.

The Sunrise Shack


A young woman eating an acai bowl in front of the yellow wall of The Sunrise Shack in Oahu, Hawaii

Good to know





  • Blue Dream Bowl (It’s naturally blue.)

  • Monkey Bowl

  • Papaya Bowl

  • Classic Bullet Coffee

  • Golden Bullet

noun_hand drawn lightbulb_698186.png


  • There are 3 locations. Sunset Beach is the original and Waikiki and the one across from Shark’s Cove. They’re equally tasty, but the Sunset Beach location is the cutest one.

  • The menu is almost entirely vegan or gluten free. All the smoothies and smoothie bowls are vegan. (FYI: If you’re vegan, just ask for no honey and keep an eye on which Bullet Coffees have butter.) The granola is gluten free, nut free, and vegan. They’ve also got plant based wraps and creamer options for their coffee. 

  • If you fall in love with this cute, yellow shack, you can pick up some cute yellow shirts and socks or rainbow mugs to bring home as souvenirs. You can also find it all in their online store. They also sell organic coffee, MCT oil, and their non-dairy, superfood creamer if you want to make your own Bullet Coffee. 



  • Sunrise Shack was started by 3 brothers and a friend. Travis Smith, the middle brother, became a professional bodyboarder at age 12 and then became a model at age 16, traveling the world and modeling for Versage, Calvin Klein, and Ralph Lauren. He’s the one who wanted to start The Sunrise Shack. Alex Smith, the oldest brother, grew up surfing as a sponsored athlete, traveling the world. Koa Smith, the youngest brother is also a surfer and holds the record for the longest barrel ever recorded and the most barrels rode on one wave. At 16 years old, Koa Rothaman was surfing the heaviest wave in the world in Tahiti, Teahupoo and caught the biggest wave ever to come in at Teahupoo. 

Last Updated 5 / 20 / 21

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