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The Banzai Pipeline is a famous surf break at ‘Ehukai Beach. It’s one of the most famous (and dangerous) surf destinations in the world. Powerful barrel waves, sometimes 30+ feet tall, break over a sharp reef that’s just  a few feet below the surface (which is one of the reasons it’s so dangerous). Only the most expert surfers should attempt it. 


When the waves are big, tons of locals and visitors hang out on the beach, watching surfers catch the waves. The big swells start around October / November and go through February. In December, the best surfers in the world compete here in the Billabong Pipe Masters, the final competition in the Triple Crown of Surfing.


It’s not really a swimming beach because the waves are too rough during the winter, but you can go for a dip and snorkel in the spring and summer when the water is calmer.


‘Ehukai Beach Park

59-337 Ke Nui Rd

Haleiwa, HI 96712


  • Daily  ▭  6:30am - 8pm




  • Ehukai Pillbox Hike — 3 min walk

  • The Sunrise Shack — 2 min drive (or 15 min walk)

  • Pūpūkea Beach Park — 3 min drive

  • Sunset Beach — 3 min drive

  • Ted’s Bakery — 3 min drive

  • Shark’s Cove — 4 min drive

  • Three Tables — 4 min drive

  • Waimea Valley — 5 min drive

  • Turtle Bay Resort — 11 min drive

  • Matsumoto Shave Ice — 14 min drive

  • Kono’s Northshore Haleiwa — 16 min drive

  • Ka’ena Point Trail — 30 min drive

One of the most famous (and dangerous) surf destinations in the world. Home to the biggest surf competition in the world. Best place to watch skilled surfers.

Banzai Pipeline


Banzai Pipeline - Hero.png

Good to know







  • Food trucks show up during surf competitions.



  • Lifeguards

  • Free Parking, but it’s limited

  • Picnic Tables

  • Restrooms



  • Billabong Pipe Masters Competition in December. It’s the most popular surf contest in the world because the best surfers are competing in the final round of the annual Triple Crown of Surfing, the final event of The World Surf League’s Championship Tour. FYI that competition dates may change due to weather and that traffic is insane during this time because everyone comes to see it.  

  • Expert surfers during the winter. From around October - February you can hang out on the beach watching them catch waves.

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  • Don’t plan to swim here during the winter. The waves are too rough. During the spring and summer, the waves can be calm enough to swim and snorkel, but it’s a good idea to check in with the lifeguard before you go in. 

  • The Banzai Pipeline is not for beginner or intermediate surfers. Don’t attempt it unless you’re an expert. 

  • The waves are highest during the winter — sometimes over 30 feet high.

  • Another vantage point to watch the huge waves is from the Peace Hike (aka Ehukai Pillbox Hike).

  • There will absolutely be traffic during surf competitions — especially during the Billabong Pipe Masters because everyone comes to see it.

  • The free parking lot fills up fast during surf competitions. 

  • From June - September you may need to stay out of the water to avoid stinging limu (a type of seaweed). 

  • There’s some shade from the trees lining the shore, but not a ton. You can bring a pop up beach tent if you think you’ll spend the day here. 



  • The Banzai Pipeline is one of the most photographed waves in the world because it’s the iconic barrel shape and breaks close to the shore. 

  • The Banzai Pipeline also goes by “Pipeline” or “Pipe.”

  • ‘Ehuaki, which is the name of the beach where you find The Banzai Pipeline, means “sea spray'' in Hawaiian.

  • During the winter, the waves can reach 30+ feet high. 

  • Volcom owns the beach house that’s directly in front of the Pipeline.

  • This 2 mile stretch of beach is the longest continuous stretch of wide beach in Oahu.

Last Updated 9 / 20 / 21

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