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Oahu Boba Roundup

Whether you call it boba, bubble tea, pearl tea, or any other version, here are the best places to get your fix in Oahu.

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All Over Oahu

The text reads "Teapresso Bar for an Instagrammable swing." There are two boba drinks (a milk tea and a Thai milk tea) sitting on the swing in the shop in Oahu.

Teapresso Bar

Teapresso Bar has 18 Oahu locations. They were the winners of Honolulu Magazine’s award for Best Boba Tea for 2021. Their claim to fame is that they don’t use any powders to flavor their drinks and that they’re the first “brewed to order boba milk tea” in Hawaii. They use natural and local ingredients. Their drinks are non-GMO, with gluten free, vegan, and organic options. Owner Steve Nguyen wanted to create a healthier alternative in the coffee and boba milk tea market. Their menu is pretty big, including colorful ombre lemonades, frappes, and smoothies in addition to their milk teas and organic coffees. They’ve also got snacks, like macarons, mochi donuts, popsicles, popcorn, etc.

Try the…

  • Brown Sugar Milk Tea

  • Waikiki Sunset Lemonade

  • Ube Latte

  • Wintermelon Milk Tea

  • Avocado Smoothie

  • Tropic Osmanthus


  • They have 18 Oahu locations (including Waikiki, Ala Moana, Ewa Beach, Ko Olina, Downton, and so on…).

  • Wahiawa has a swing that’s cute for photos.

  • You can order online but there are several different websites for the different locations. Just search for Teapresso and the location you’re going to to find their website to order.

  • Ask for samples. They usually have them for their most popular drinks?

  • They have reusable straws for purchase.

  • They have board games and free WiFi. Just ask.

  • They’ve got several milk alternatives including organic almond, coconut, oat, and soy milks.

  • They have a Build Your Own Tea option. Choose 1) hot or cold, 2) type of tea leaves, 3) flavors, 4) dairy type, 5) sweetness level, and 6) toppings.


A close up of a tall classic milk tea with boba in front of the Taste Tea sign at a shop in Oahu.

Taste Tea

Taste Tea has 8 locations from Waikiki to Ewa Beach. They’ve got your classic milk teas along with some more inventive ones (like Almond Joy, Fruity Pebbles, and Chocolate Pudding Milk Teas). Honolulu Magazine named them Best Boba Tea in 2020. And they’re pretty generous with the amount of boba they put in each drink.

Try the..

  • Taste Tea Classic Milk Tea

  • Ice Cream Milk Tea

  • Molten Tapioca Milk

  • Pickled Mango Tea

  • Mustache Milk Tea

  • Winter Melon Tea Latte


  • They have punch cards if you think you’ll go often.

  • Expect lines, but at least they move quickly.

  • They have mini tapioca if you want a smaller version of the regular boba.

  • For a little extra you can get a split cup where you can pick 2 different drinks to try.


Ala Moana

A cup of mango cheese cap boba from Wen's Tea in Oahu.

Wen's Tea

Wen’s Teas claims to be the first milk tea shop in Hawaii to serve a “cheese cap” with their drinks. They’re just outside the Ala Moana Center. While you’re waiting on your boba, grab a pen and post it off the counter and add to the wall of notes and doodles.

Try the…

  • Cheese Strawberry

  • Hojicha Milk Tea


  • With cheese tea, skip the straw (or you’ll just get tea). Instead, you should tip the drink and drink from the edge of the cup so you get a mix of the tea and foam with each sip.

  • They have dairy free options — soy or almond milk.

  • You can order online for In-Store or Curbside Pickup.


A brown sugar boba milk tea and an Ube Taro Brown Sugar Milk Tea from The Alley in Oahu.

The Alley

The Alley is a massive chain from Taiwan, but new to Hawaii, with the Oahu location just opening in 2021. They specialize in brown sugar boba drinks but also serve drinks with fresh fruit, cheese foam, classic teas and milk teas. They also make some yummy snacks like crunch cakes in different flavors and pork char siu sou which is cooked to order.

Try the…

  • Brown Sugar Deerioca Creme Brulee Milk (This is super popular, but heads up, it’s definitely on the sweeter side.)

  • Ube Taro Brown Sugar Deerioca Milk

  • Strawberry Mochi Smoothie

  • Strawberry Lulu

  • Snow Velvet Peach Oolong Tea (It’s topped with cheese foam.)

  • Lemon Crunch Cake (You can buy a whole cake or just a slice.)


  • Bring a credit card. They don’t accept cash.

  • You can order online to avoid lines.

  • “Deerioca” is their word for the pearls.

  • It’s inside the Ala Moana Center.

  • They use real organic milk but you can substitute for non dairy options like oat or soy milk.


A green matcha cheese foam milk tea from Cheese Tea in Oahu. The cup is sitting on a cat face coaster.

Cheese Tea

Cheese Tea is the boba spot for cat lovers, with cute little cat drawings on the wall, cat coasters, and of course cats on the togo cups. They also claim to be the first place to bring Asia’s cheese foam tea to Hawaii so of course their specialty is their cheese teas. Their fluffy cheese cap is homemade and if you haven’t tried it before, it tastes a bit like cheesecake — a little sweet and salty. They also serve fresh fruit tea.

Try the…

  • Creamy Cake Milk Tea

  • Strawberry Smoothie

  • Messy Peach


  • You can add a cheese cap to any drink.

  • They also have a location in Waipahu if you’re heading from Waikiki to the west coast or back.

  • You can order online.


A fruit tea with bright red juice on the bottom and fresh yellow pineapple floating on the top, from It's Tea in Oahu.

It's Tea

It’s Tea was opened by a husband and wife team in 2019. They’ve got a good sized variety of tea — all of which can be made into milk tea.

Try the…

  • Brown Sugar Boba Milk

  • Okinawa Black Sugar Fresh Milk + Tapioca

  • Winter Melon Tea + Lemon

  • Spring Tea + Yogurt

  • Custard Milk Tea + Custard Cake + Tapioca

  • Honey Peach Yogurt


  • Street parking only. Some people park across the street at Whole Foods.


A boba milk tea from Mr. Tea in Oahu. The cup has a mustache on it.

Mr. Tea Cafe

Mr. Tea was started by a group of guys who were obsessed with boba milk tea. They traveled throughout Taiwan, learning how to make traditional milk tea. They’re known for high quality boba tea. (Well that and their mustache cups.) They make their teas using loose leaf teas and they make their boba in small batches. In addition to the classics, they offer some inventive recipes like Cotton Candy and Fruity Pebbles. They also have some interesting toppings like haupia.

Try the…

  • Cereal Milk Tea (You get to choose the cereal, like Captain Crunch or Fruity Pebbles)

  • Jasmine Iced Tea with Lychee Jelly

  • Taro Milk Tea

  • Honeydew Melon Milk Tea

  • Sesame Milk Tea

  • Black Milk Tea with Haupia Topping


  • You can order online.

  • They have a 2nd location just outside of Kaka’ako.

  • They partner with La Tour Bakehouse to serve French Macarons.

  • They’re open late.

  • They have milk alternatives like oat and almond milks.

  • They offer a military discount.


6 colorful rice yogurt drinks with fresh fruit lined up on a counter with bright rainbow colors on the wall behind. The cups say Yomie's Rice X Yogurt. It's a shop in Oahu.

Yomie's Rice X Yogurt

Ok, this one’s a bit of a stretch for this list because it’s not boba, but if you like boba, you’ll want to give Yomie’s a shot. They serve up healthy and tasty yogurt drinks made with real fruit and fresh yogurt. Their yogurt is made fresh daily (apparently it takes 24 hours and they do it all in house) and the purple rice is sweet and chewy. This shop is brand spanking new, just opening April 2022. Yomie’s first opened in Australia and it’s now one of the leading yogurt shop brands in Asia.

Try the…

  • Yomie’s Purple Rice Yogurt

  • Mango Purple Rice Yogurt

  • Dragon Fruit Yogurt

  • Strawberry Purple Rice Yogurt

  • Pineapple Banana Yogurt

  • Lilikoi Purple Rice Yogurt


  • They have a loyalty stamp card if you think you’ll be coming back.

  • Yogurt drinks are more filling than your typical boba drink.

  • You can order online.


A boba souffle pancake covered in fluffy whtie cream and topped with dark boba, from Cloud Nine Cafe in Oahu.

Cloud Nine Cafe

Cloud Nine is more of a souffle pancake and Castella Cake shop that also happens to sell some premium milk teas with boba. BUT they also have a fantastic Brown Sugar Cream Souffle Pancake topped with chewy boba. They also serve fresh blended fruit drinks. They opened in January 2020.

Try the…

  • Brown Sugar Cream with Boba Souffle Pancake

  • Mango Cream with Pineapple Souffle Pancake

  • Strawberry Cream with Strawberry Souffle Pancake

  • Brown Sugar Milk Tea


  • They have 8 different kinds of their Japanese style souffle pancakes.

  • Parking is available in the building and they validate for the first 20 minutes.

  • You can call to pre order.


Three clear reusable milk carton shaped glasses filled with milk teas made with fresh fruit. From Top Tea + Espresso in Oahu.

Top Tea + Espresso

Top Tea + Espresso serves up boba tea, fruit tea, smoothies, and espresso. They’re known for their reusable clear milk carton shaped cups. They used to be Friend Cafe, but rebranded in 2016.

Try the…

  • Taro Smoothie

  • Mix Fruit Tea

  • Winter Melon Black Milk Tea

  • Ube Black Milk Tea

  • Brown Sugar Black Milk Tea


  • They have 2 Ala Moana locations and also one in Liliha and another in Ewa.

  • They list a bunch of caffeine free options on their menu too (including a Brown Sugar Tiger Milk, Taro Milk Tea, and Honeydew Milk Tea).


Central Oahu

A hand holding a bubble waffle covered in whipped cream and chocolate sauce with pocky sticks. From Beyond Boba in Oahu.

Beyond Boba

Beyond Boba hits the spot for ube lovers (with either milk tea or their amazing freshly made bubble waffles). They serve brightly colored lemonades, fruit teas, slushes, smoothies, and bubble bites (which are basically their waffles broken into smaller pieces and topped with whipped cream, drizzles, and Pocky sticks). Their menu ranges from classic milk teas to some pretty inventive flavor combos.

Try the…

  • Ube Flurple Dream Milk Tea

  • Ultraviolet Lychee Fruit Tea

  • Okinawa Cheesecake Milk Tea

  • Hokkaido Tiger Coffee Milk Tea

  • Shooting Stars Lemonade with mango stars jellies

  • Ube Heart Bubble Waffle


  • There’s parking out front but it’s limited.



A fresh fruit smoothie with boba pearls from Thanh French Coffee & Bubble Tea in Oahu's Chinatown. There are rows of fresh fruit in the background.

Thanh French Coffee & Bubble Tea

Thanh French Coffee is known for their fresh fruit smoothies with boba. They also serve Vietnamese coffee.

Try the…

  • Papaya with Pearls

  • Watermelon with Pearls

  • Soursop with Pearls

  • Pineapple with Pearls


  • They’re cash only.


Downtown Honolulu

Two cups of brown sugar milk boba from Tiger Sugar in Downtown Honolulu. There's a tiger statue in the background.

Tiger Sugar

Tiger Sugar is a Taiwan boba chain famous for starting the whole brown sugar boba craze. When they opened in 2021, our Instagram feed was flooded with the crowds of boba lovers showing off their drinks with the signature “tiger stripes” along the sides (from their signature syrups) .

Try the…

  • #1 Brown Sugar Milk With Boba + Pearl & Cream Mousse (It’s their signature drink.)

  • Mango Sago (FYI they only make about 40 a day, so go early to get one.)

  • Brown Sugar Matcha Milk With Cream Mousse

  • #5 Black Sugar Milk With Boba + Pudding & Cream Mousse


  • The owners say you’re supposed to shake it 15 times before drinking it.

  • You can order online and it’s usually ready in about 10-15 minutes for pickup.

  • No extra charge for lactose free options.

  • There’s parking right in front.


A bright blue cloudy boba drink with white clouds, from Fortune Tea in Oahu.

Fortune Tea

Fortune Tea is known for their “cloudy” drinks and yogurt smoothies but also serve some tasty fruit teas as well. They’ve got some cool toppings too, like cheese cap, purple rice, oreos, or mochi balls. Each cup has a little scratch off fortune on the side (which sometimes is a prize instead). Such a nice touch.

Try the…

  • Mochi Soy Cream Cheese Milk Tea (That’s the one topped with the mochi balls on a stick.)

  • Passion Fruit Lemonade

  • Cloudy Strawberry Banana

  • Cheese Mango

  • Mango Sago

  • Oreo Cheese Milk Tea


  • You can order online through Yelp.

  • There’s street parking in front, but if it’s filled, you can grab a spot in the Safeway parking lot.

  • Scratch off the fortune on the side of the cup. Sometimes it’s a prize instead of a fortune.



A row of three lightbulb cups filled with green, pink, and purple boba drinks. There's a mural that reads "Welcome to Kailua" in the background. At Bee & Tea in Kailua, Oahu.

Bee & Tea

Bee & Tea is a franchise based out of Chicago. They opened their Kailua location in 2016 and are known for unique boba flavor combos, acai bowls, and meat-filled Chinese bao. Oh, and their cool looking light bulb bottles (for an extra charge). This is the place for boba lemonades. Their Oahu location has Island-specific flavors like taro, coconut, organic honey, mango, coconut water, etc. Check out the huge “Welcome to Kailua” mural that shows the town of Kailua. It’s a good spot on a hot Kailua day.

Try the…

  • Berry Bliss

  • Pinkerton

  • Honey Bee Melon

  • The Acai Bowl


  • They have non dairy options like almond milk and coconut milk.

  • The light bulb cups are only for non blended drinks.

  • They have a rewards program if you think you’ll be making a repeat visit.

  • They have pictures of all their drinks inside the store.

  • You can order online.



A cup of mango rice yogurt tea from CowCow Tea's in Kaimuki, Oahu. There's a pink and white floral background.

CowCow's Tea

Cowcow is a newer boba shop that opened in 2020. They’ve got plenty of brown boba and milk teas, but they’re known for their yogurt drinks with fresh fruit blended in. They’re creamy and tart and come in several flavors (banana, matcha, taro, and seasonal fruits). They also claim to be the first spot in Hawaii to offer chewy purple rice as a topping. They’ve got a whole Instagram vibe going with their light pink paint and a floral wall (for the perfect photo backdrop).

Try the…

  • Mango Rice Yogurt

  • Taro Rice Yogurt

  • White Peach Sparkling Water


  • They sell some cute souvenirs like squishy boba stuffies.

  • Metered street parking only.

  • You can phone an order in for pickup to skip any lines.

  • If you think you’ll be back, ask for a punchcard.



A close up of a hollowed out pineapple filled with shave ice and balls of fresh pineapple on top. The colorful Milky Way Hawaii Ice food truck is in the background. Kaka'ako, Oahu.

Milky Way Hawaii Ice

If you like your milk tea in shave ice form, then this is the place for you. Milky Way’s colorful food truck fits right in with Kaka’ako’s abundant street art. They serve up a mix of smoothies, milk teas, iced teas, and shave ice. They’re also known for their snowthie’s (a cross between a smoothie and a shave ice).

Try the…

  • Pineapple Shave Ice (It comes with balls of pineapple stacked on top.)

  • Mango Snowthie

  • Milk Tea Shave Ice with Boba

  • Strawberry Man with Boba


  • They should be parked on Pohukaina Street by Mother Waldren Park.

  • If you get the snowthie, you’re supposed to mix it up before drinking it.

  • They have dairy alternatives like oat and almond milks.


An obmre fresh fruit lemonade from MOMO Tea in Oahu. It fades from bright purple on top to yellow at the bottom. Kaka'ako, Oahu.


MOMO TEA is known for their fresh fruit teas. They mix a ton of fruit in with the tea in a square cup with a fork attached to the outside to enjoy all your fruit with. They also serve up some “potted” drinks that come with a sprinkling of Oreo and a sprig of mint on top to look like a little plant. And of course, they serve up classic boba and smoothies. They opened this location at the very end of 2019 but have been around since 2016

Try the…

  • Mix Fruit Tea

  • Potted MoMo Milk Tea

  • Strawberry Cheese Frost

  • Watermelon Slush


  • They have some parking out front and lots of street parking. There’s also a big lot across the street.

  • They’ve got free WiFi if you want to hang out and get some work done.

  • They have a stamp card if you think you’ll be back more than once.

You can order online through Yelp.


A boba Japanese Souffle sitting next to a Creme Brulee Soufflee, with a boba milk tea and a fresh fruit cheese foam drink behind them. From Sun Tea Mix in Kaka'ako, Honolulu.

Sun Tea Mix

Sun Tea Mix opened just as the pandemic was ramping up in March 2020. They’re known for their fruit teas and smoothies, made only with fresh fruit and loose-leaf teas, but their souffle pancakes have their own cult following. They also serve up Smoogurts (a smoothie + yogurt). Their smoothies are all topped with a creamy cheese foam. We also love the really airy, all white interior — very sleek and cool.

Try the…

  • Fruit & Oolong Tea (It’s overflowing with fresh fruit.)

  • White Peach Oolong With Cheese Foam

  • Mango Smoogurt

  • Tropical Lava Flow

  • Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Cheese Foam

  • Watermelon Smoothie

  • Mango Milk

  • Creme Brulee Souffle

  • Strawberry Souffle


  • The wait for the Creme Brulee Souffle pancakes is about 15-20 minutes, but worth it. Call your order in or order online ahead of time to save yourself the wait.

  • They validate parking for the H Mart or SALT At Our Kaka’ako lots.

  • Check out their seasonal themed souffles and smoothies.


The text reads "Boba Bros for farmers market boba." There are two cups of Matcha Latte bobas (called Matchattes) at the Kaka'ako Farmers Market in Honolulu.

Boba Bros

Boba Bros was started by 4 brothers, born and raised in Hawaii, who loved boba and wanted to start a business in Hawaii. You’ll find them at a few farmers markets (Kaka’ako Farmers Market on Saturdays, Kaiser High School on Tuesdays, and Blaisdel on Wednesdays). They use only real ingredients — no powders, artificial flavors, or non-dairy creamers.

Try the…

  • Matchatte (a Matcha Latte)

  • Lady Bug (Boba, Milk, and Strawberry Puree)


  • They can swap milk with coconut milk to make your order vegan.

  • DM them on Instagram if you’re interested in quart size “baby jugs.”


Kalihi (West Honolulu)

The text reads "Yi Fang Taiwan: known for their fresh fruit smoothies." There's a clear cup filled to the top with fresh fruit floating in fruit tea. Honolulu, Oahu.

Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea

Yi Fang is a premium Taiwanese bubble shop and new to Oahu — just opened in February 2022. They’re known for their fresh fruit teas - no concentrates here. The shop started in Taiwan and now has locations all over the world. The founder’s grandfather worked on a pineapple farm in Taiwan in extremely hot weather. His grandmother started preserving the overripe pineapples into a jam and mixing it with water to make a refreshing drink for him.

Try the…

  • Yi Fang Fruit Tea (It’s their signature drink.)

  • Brown Sugar Pearl Black Latte

  • Roselle Kumquat Green Tea

  • Taro Latte (with fresh chunks of taro)

  • Yakult with Passion Fruit Green Tea


  • Online Ordering is available.

  • There’s free parking.

  • Most of the drinks are not specifically boba, but you can add pearls or jelly to anything you like.

  • They have a recommended sweetness chart for each drink that seems to be pretty spot on.

  • Their drinks can be made hot or cold.


A cup of fresh watermelon juice next to two watermelon slices, from Dragon Tea in Honolulu, Oahu.

Dragon Tea

Dragon Tea gets top billing for their Taiwanese street food snacks (like dumplings, fried chicken, fish ball soup) but if you want boba and food, this is the place for you. They’ve been around since 2013 and are known for their quality ingredients. They flavor their teas with all natural ingredients. They have a big list of bubble teas and lots of topping options (like coffee jelly, pineapple or peach jelly, aloe, rainbow jelly, and more).

Try the…

  • DT Brown Sugar Milk

  • Fresh Watermelon Juice

  • Passion Fruit Green Tea or Lychee Green Tea (for something less sweet)

  • Fried Chicken Bento

  • Popcorn Chicken

  • Beef Noodle Soup


  • There are a few parking spots in the back. You can enter from the front or from the back by the parking lot.

  • Heads up that the food is great, but the boba can be hit or miss.

  • You can order online through Yelp or Google.


The text reads "Hana Tea for unique toppings." There's a tall cup of fruit tea with a brulee cheese foam topping.

Hana Tea

They were a Honolulu Magazine finalist for Best Boba Tea in 2021. They’re known for having some unique toppings like a brulee cheese foam and cake whip. They serve customizable boba drinks, yogurt drinks, fruit and pure teas, and sparkling waters.

Try the…

  • Brown Sugar Milk Tea

  • Fruit Party with Jasmine Green Tea


  • They also have a Pearl City location.

  • There tend to be lines, but you can skip them if you order online.


The text reads "Heeretea Hawaii for unusual flavors." Theres a tall cup of Ovaltine boba with streaks of chocolate lining the cup. Honolulu, Oahu.

Heeretea Hawaii

Heeretea has some unusual flavors — like Crunchy Bubble Ovaltine, Cheese Avocado Tea, and Brulee Devil Milk Tea. They’re known for their variety of cheese fruit teas. They’ve also got plenty of milk teas and fruit teas, and rice yogurts. They don’t use any artificial flavors and have been around since 2018

Try the…

  • Cheese Watermelon Tea

  • Brulee Devil Milk Tea

  • Mixed Fruit Four Seasons Tea

  • Purple Rice Yogurt


  • The parking lot is pretty small and the parking stalls are also on the small side.

  • Check out their specials.

  • Their rose milk tea is made with real rose petals.

  • You can order online through Yelp.


The text reads "Thang's French Coffee & Bubble Tea: known fo their fresh fruit smoothies." The photo on top shows a menu of photos of various fresh fruit boba smoothies. The bottom left shows a dragonfruit and papaya boba smoothies. Honolulu, Oahu.

Thang's French Coffee & Bubble Tea

Thang’s is known for their fresh fruit smoothies — especially their avocado smoothie made with local avocados and condensed milk. Honolulu Magazine named it the Best Avocado Smoothie in 2021. They also offer Vietnamese iced coffees and milk teas. (They actually started off as a Chinatown kiosk selling Vietnamese coffee, and eventually added bubble tea and smoothies.)

Try the…

  • Avocado Smoothie

  • Chocolate Boba

  • Soursop Smoothie

  • Jackfruit Smoothie

  • Watermelon Smoothie


  • There are 3 locations: two in Kalihi and one in Aiea.

  • You can combine 2 smoothie flavors for an extra charge. They list some suggested fruit combos for you.

  • The drinks only come in one size and they’re pretty big. For a fee, they’ll split it into 2 cups for you.

  • Occasionally the owners make cups of chè, a Vietnamese tapioca dessert.


Two hands holding boba drinks - a milk tea on the left and a matcha milk tea on the right. There's a neon sign that reads "Tea Time" in the background. Honolulu, Oahu.

Tea Time Taiwan

Tea Time is a family owned dessert shop and tea house serving milk teas, fruit teas, and honey toasts. They don’t use powders or pre-made products. Instead they make fresh tea and tapioca every four hours and bake their honey toast every morning using local ingredients. They import their teas from Taiwan and owner Ivy Chiu visits Taiwan twice a year to collect recipes for new seasonal drinks and learn the latest brewing techniques. They’ve got a lengthy list of toppings and add ons.

Try the…

  • Li Hing Mui Lemonade

  • Ugly Milk Tea (Brown Sugar Milk Tea)

  • Roasted Oolong Milk Tea

  • Winter Melon Oolong Tea

  • Cacao Barry Milk Tea

  • Eggfles

  • Honey Toasts


  • You can order a “twin cup” if you want to try 2 different flavors.

  • You can change the tea base for any of the teas.



Two different boba drinks sitting on a counter with a bright green background. From Shaka Shaka Tea Express in Kaneohe, Oahu.

Shaka Shaka Tea Express

We added Shaka Shaka to Kaneohe because we had to show Kaneohe some boba love, but they also have locations in Kalihi, Salt Lake, and Honolulu. Owner Jing’s kids loved boba so she decided to come up with a healthy version. They shop for their fresh fruit daily, use real high mountain leaf tea with whole milk, sweeten their drinks with homemade brown sugar, and don’t use any artificial powders, coffee cream, canned fruit, or ice creams. Their signature pineapple drinks are made fresh with chunks cut straight from the core. They import their boba from Taiwan.

Try the…

  • Taro Black Milk Tea Smoothie

  • Sweet Pineapple Drink

  • Coconut Taro Smoothie

  • Avocado Smoothie

  • Black Tea Cappuccino

  • Pineapple Green Tea

  • Black Milk Tea


  • Because everything’s fresh, they often have seasonal flavors like lychee, soursop, and persimmon.

  • They have 4 Oahu locations: Kaneohe, Kalihi, Salt Lake, and Honolulu.

  • They have stamp cards if you think you’ll be a repeat customer.

  • They also sell some light snacks like ube crunch, poi donuts, macarons, moon cakes, and tea eggs.

  • You can order online through each shop’s Yelp page.


A boba drink from Tea Home with a bright blue boba straw. Kaneohe, Oahu.

Tea Home

Tea Home opened their first location in Kaneohe in 2016, followed by a 2nd one in Honolulu. They serve milk teas, smoothies, and Taiwanese snacks. The employees are really friendly too.

Try the…

  • Brown Sugar Milk Tea

  • Charcoal Milk Tea

  • Lava Latte


  • There’s plenty of parking



The text reads "Hula Boba for teeny tiny boba." It's a clear bucket cup of milk tea with boba on the bottom and a little penguin character on the cup. From Hula Boba in Honolulu, Oahu.

Hula Boba

Hula Boba is known for their teeny tiny bobas served in cute bucket cups with penguin lids that look like the penguin is drinking out of your straw. They serve up milk teas, smoothies, and ice teas. In addition to boba, they have tons of toppings to choose from (like mochi balls, egg pudding, mini taro balls, and more). Pre Covid, they let you add all your toppings at a self service bar, but now an employee does that (and they’re very generous). They’ve also got an extensive selection of asian snacks.

Try the…

  • Taro Coconut Smoothie

  • Ube Monster Smoothie


  • The ice blended smoothies are dairy free.

  • You can mix and match the toppings. They have a line on the cup for the toppings. Up to the first line is free. You pay extra beyond that.


A peach colored fruit boba sitting on a counter with flowers draw in chalk on the background. From Infintea in Honolulu, Oahu.


Infinitea has a bunch of unique toppings and add ons, like li hing mui walls, pop rock boba in different flavors, rainbow jellies, haupia pudding, and Oreo walls. They serve Milk teas, milkshakes, and lemonades.

Try the…

  • Ube in Love

  • Thai Milk Tea

  • Ube Crumble


  • They have 4 locations: Kapolei, Mililani, Kapolei, and Honolulu.

  • They have a few smoothies with added protein powder, like their Peanut Butter Cup and Almond Roca. You can also add vanilla or chocolate protein powder to any drink.



Three colorful boba drinks from Rabbit Rabbit Tea in Oahu.

Rabbit Rabbit Tea

Rabbit Rabbit is an Alice in Wonderland themed cafe serving milk tea, cloud smoothies, and fresh fruit teas. The interior lives up to the shop’s whimsical name with black and white checkered floors, colorful flowers, and tea sets. Their cloud smoothies have whipped cream walls that look like there are clouds floating in your pastel drink. Each tea is brewed at a specific water temperature to draw out the optimal aroma and flavor, using an 8-step UV water purification system to ensure that no impurities or hardness in the water will alter the taste.

Try the…

  • Brown Sugar Boba With Fresh Milk

  • Mango Madness

  • Queen of Hearts Mojito

  • Pink Bunny Cloud Smoothie


  • They have another location in Aiea.

  • If you’re lucky, you’ll show up on one of the rare occasions when they sell the most adorable steamed buns ever. They’ve popped up for holidays (like little ghosts and pumpkins) or randomly (decorated like musubi, boba, or other characters). It’s not a regular thing. More on this in our Oahu’s Most Instagrammable Food and Drink article.

  • They have milk alternatives like coconut and almond milk.

  • They have locations outside of Hawaii, like in California, Toronto, NYC, etc.

  • You can order online for both the University location and the Aiea location.


A milk tea with a milk cap and brulee topping from Lunar Tea in Honolulu, Oahu.

Lunar Tea

Lunar Tea is a newer shop, having just opened in April 2021. It’s a cute moon-themed shop with a huge moon mural and moon lights. They serve milk teas, fruit teas, rice yogurts, smoothies, and milk caps.

Try the…

  • Roasted Oolong Milk Tea

  • Brown Sugar Dalgona Coffee

  • Coconut Dalgona Coffee

  • Mango Milk Cap

  • Passion Fruit Lemonade


  • Parking is limited.

  • They have a loyalty card if you think you’ll be coming back.

  • You can opt for oat milk for 95 cents.

  • You can order online through Yelp.


A line of 4 different boba drinks in different flavors and colors form QQ Tea & Vegetarian House in Oahu.

QQ Tea & Vegetarian House

QQ Tea is a hole in the wall with a big menu of teas but they also get high marks for their plate lunches (all vegetarian and vegan). They also serve a number of yogurt drinks and smoothies. Everyone there is so nice too!

Try the…

  • QQ Special Pudding Smoothie

  • Winter Melon Tea

  • Mango & Passion Fruit Black Tea

  • Vegan Satay

  • Green Onion Pancake


  • Their milk teas can be made with plant based milks (like soy and almond).

  • There’s lots of parking.

  • They have a stamp card to get a free drink.


Pearl City

A cup of creamy yogurt berry drink, with bright red strawberries on the bottom and light pink all the way to the top. From S7 Icy Bubble in Honolulu, Oahu.

S7 Icy Bubble

S7 has several Oahu locations serving milk teas, real fruit teas, purple rice yogurt, smoothies, and rolled ice cream. S7 stands for “Sunny 7 Days a week.” They also sell all kinds of random trinkets like pens, toys, and gadgets.

Try the…

  • Midnight Tea

  • A Cai Milk Tea

  • Nice Uncle Milk Tea

  • Aloha Taro Milk Tea

  • “Da Bomb” Matcha

  • Watermelon Icy Bubble


  • They have 5 locations: Wahiawa, Pearl City, Honolulu, Kapahulu, and Kapolei.

  • You can order online through Yelp for the Kapahulu and Kapolei locations.

  • They offer non dairy milk options (like soy and almond).



A cup of watermelon slushie boba from Coffee or Tea in Waikiki.

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee or Tea has 5 Oahu locations serving bubble tea, Taiwanese-style shave ice, seasonal fruit juices and shakes, and Lavazza or Kona coffee. It’s also might be the only place where you can order milk tea by the gallon.

Try the…

  • Fresh Papaya Shake

  • Winter Melon Milk Tea

  • Almond Milk Tea

  • Honeydew Melon Shake

  • Jasmine Green Milk Tea


  • They have 5 locations: Waikiki, Waipahu, Aiea, Kailua, and Mo'ili'ili.

  • They sell a “party size” (one gallon) milk tea.

  • You can phone in your order ahead of time.



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