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11 Most Instagrammable Food and Drinks in Oahu

Most Instagrammable Food and Drinks in Oahu

To make the cut, everything on the list had to be both cool to look at AND also taste amazing. We like really good food and drinks. And if it looks pretty, well that’s a bonus.

[If you’re looking for the most Instagrammable places in Oahu, we’ve got that over here.]


A cup of coffee from Local Joe in Oahu with "Hawaii" written out in the coffee foam.

Local Joe

We’re here for the latte art. They’ve got a machine that can print any image (or text) you want into the foam of your coffee. Just download a free app and upload your design or picture. The coffee is really good too.

Where is it?

Downtown Honolulu

Colorful handmade steamed bao buns shaped like a pig, an apple, a kitty, a musubi, and a boba.

Rabbit Rabbit Tea

Yes, they make a really good boba, but that’s not what got them on the list. Every once in a while, they sell these adorable steamed buns (that btw are handmade in Taiwan). It’s not a regular thing, so follow them on Instagram and maybe you’ll catch the next batch.

Where is it?

2 locations in Honolulu

A pineapple yacht from Banan in Oahu - a carved out pineapple filled with soft serve, fruit, coconut, and nuts.


Banán makes banana soft serve in all sorts of flavors, topped with colorful fruit, coconut, local honey, and more. The Papaya Boat is our favorite. They scoop the seeds out of a papaya half and fill it with your choice of soft serve flavor and toppings. There’s also a Pineapple Yacht. (Same idea. Different fruit.) They’re both colorful and tasty. The Waikiki location is steps away from the beach. Actually it’s in a walkway lined with surfboards which is a cool photo spot too.

Where is it?

Waikiki + Kailua

Check out our guide to Banán.

A colorful beef wellington from Senia restaurant in Honolulu's Chinatown.


Senia is possibly the best restaurant in all of Oahu and the food is both delicious and beautiful. They hand cut the design in their colorful beef wellington. Their 007 cocktail displays the UK flag in its foam. The hamachi dish almost looks like little flowers. We could go on….

Where is it?


Check out our guide to Senia.

The skull and crown cocktail from Skull & Crown bar in Oahu - a white skull mug with the cocktail set on fire.

Skull & Crown Trading Co.

The Skull & Crown Trading Co is a modern tiki bar. It’s got a cool, but kinda dark and spooky vibe here. Cocktails are served in these colorful tiki mugs. The showstopper is their signature cocktail that comes in a huge skull-shaped mug and is set on fire.

Where is it?


A sampler pack of vegan Holey Grail Donuts in Oahu.

Holey Grail Donuts

These are Instagrammable taro donuts with a cult following. Everything’s made in house. Get the sampler box to try 4 different flavors, including their weekly seasonal ones. And make sure you get a napkin or two. When you rest your donut on it, it looks like it has a halo and wings, which is fun for photos. You can up the photo ante and visit their bright yellow food truck (named Goldie) in Waikiki.

Where is it?

Kaka’ako + Waikiki

Check out our guide to Holey Grail Donuts.

A SOMI SOMI fish-shaped waffle cone filled with purple ube soft serve, fruity pebbles, and a strawberry.

Somi Somi

Somi Somi serves adorable fish cones. (No, not real fish. It’s somewhere between a waffle and a cake and you can pick the filling of your choice - like nutella, red bean, custard, taro….). You can either get it like a cone, holding up your soft serve or a bowl of soft serve with the fish diving down into it. Then you pick from a bunch of fun toppings like fruity pebbles, coconut flakes, macarons, li hing powder, Oreo crumbs, etc. You may come here for the photo, but you’ll be happy with your treat too.

Where is it?

Ala Moana

Lattes and fancy avocado toast decorated with edible flowers from Arvo Cafe in Honolulu's Kaka'ako neighborhood

Arvo Cafe

Arvo serves up avocado toast that’s insanely pretty to look at (and tastes as good as it looks). They’re decorated with colorful fruits, veggies, and edible flowers, then served up on some picture perfect wooden boards. The handcrafted coffee drinks are great too and come with cute coffee art. The whole vibe here is very cool, laidback, and great for photos.

Where is it?


Check out our guide to Arvo Cafe.

A table full of colorful smoothie bowls from Oahu's Sunrise Shack on the North Shore and Waikiki.

The Sunrise Shack

Ok, The Sunrise Shack itself is bright yellow and a perfect backdrop, but we’re here for the food. Their smoothie bowls look so pretty, with fresh fruit and flowers arranged on top. The Blue Dream Bowl has some pop to it because it’s naturally blue.

Where is it?

North Shore (Sunset Beach and Shark’s Cove) + Waikiki

The Smoking Pig cocktail from The Smoking Pig in Honolulu with a smoke filled glass cover.

The Surfing Pig

The Surfing Pig is like the big sister restaurant to Kono’s Northshore. Same famous 12-hour slow-roasted kalua pork, but it’s a sit down restaurant with some solid cocktails (and a brunch and happy hour). Their signature cocktail, the Smoking Pig, is made with bacon infused bourbon and comes in a glass container filled with smoke, for dramatic effect. Heads up, the smoke disappears quickly when they lift the glass, so have your camera ready.

Where is it?


Check out our guide to The Surfing Pig.

A bowl of garlic shrimp with the Giovanni's Shrimp Truck in the background, covered in sharpie.

Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck

GIovanni’s Shrimp Truck almost didn’t make the list. Don’t get us wrong, their shrimp are really good, but they’re not exactly photo worthy. We’re here for the heavily graffitied food truck. Supposedly, a guy named Ed Hernandez from El Paso, TX decided to write his name on the truck in 1993. When the employees noticed it at the end of the day, they decided to leave it. The next day a few more signatures with pictures appeared. Now, thousands of people have left their mark. Make sure you bring a sharpie.

Where is it?

North Shore

Check out our guide to Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck.


Now that you know the most Instagrammable food and drinks and Oahu, here are the best cameras for Hawaii.


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