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North Shore


This listing is short and sweet because all you really need is the address. 


There are a few different tree swings hidden on beaches throughout Oahu, but their locations are not easy to come by. So here’s the address of one to get you started: 53-936 Kamehameha Highway, Hauula. It’s on the beach and it’s a pretty large swing. 


Yes, it makes for a great photo op, but there’s also something fun and whimsical about finding a secret tree swing, on a secret beach, in a beautiful, tropical location. And not to mention bragging rights since most people can’t find it.


53-936 Kamehameha Highway, 

Hauulam HI 96717




  • Penny’s Malasadas — 3 min drive

  • Ehukai Pillbox Hike — 24 min drive

  • Kailua Beach — 45 min drive

A large wooden tree swing that most people can’t find. Hidden on a beach as you drive up the Windward Coast toward the North Shore. Here’s how you get there...

North Shore Tree Swing


North Shore Tree Swing - Hero.png

Good to know



  • A Camera or your phone to snap a photo.

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  • It’s probably not worth going out of your way for this, but it can be a fun pitstop if you’re  cruising up the Windward Coast, taking the longer, scenic route to the North Shore.

Last Updated 9 / 21 / 21

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