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Honolulu + Waikiki + Pearl City


Liliha Bakery is half diner and half bakery. The diner side serves up homestyle breakfast and burgers along with some local favorites like oxtail soup, loco moco, and kimchi fried rice. The bakery side serves up their legendary pastries, all made from scratch. 


They’re known for their cream puffs that come in 4 flavors — Cream, Coco, Chocolate Cream, and Green Tea. But what really put them on the map is their Coco Puffs, filled with chocolate pudding and covered in their famous macadamia nut Chantilly frosting. This is the only place that sells them and they sell close to 10,000 a day. These are a true local favorite. 


The diner side is always packed with locals. The original location has a really long, 18 seat counter with a view into the kitchen and the 2 locations that followed have each recreated that in their own ways. The menu has all your familiar diner favorites (crispy waffles and burgers) but with an island twist (fried rice on the side of your eggs, portuguese sausage, and spam).


Liliha Bakery has been an Oahu institution ever since they opened in 1950.

Covid Specific

  • They have plexiglass dividers at the counter.





Online Ordering


Location 1: Original Liliha

515 N. Kuakini St

Honolulu, HI 96817





  • Mon - Sun  ▭  6am - 10pm

Location 2: Nimitz

580 N. Nimitz Hwy.

Honolulu, HI 96817





  • Mon - Sun  ▭  6:30am - 10pm

Location 3Ala Moana Macy’s

Macy’s 3rd Floor

1450 Ala Moana Blvd

Honolulu, HI 96814





  • Sun - Thurs  ▭  7am - 8pm

  • Fri - Sat  ▭  7am - 9pm

Location 4Waikiki

International Market Place - 3rd floor

2330 Kalakaua Ave

Honolulu, HI 96815





  • Mon - Sun  ▭  7am - 10pm

Location 5Pearl City

Pearl Highlands Center

1000 Kamehameha Hwy #210

Pearl City, HI 96782





  • Mon - Sun  ▭  6:30am - 10pm


$ - $$

  • Breakfast: ~$9 - $16

  • Lunch and Dinner: ~$8 - $20

  • Pastries: ~$2 - $5


Origianl Liliha

  • Napoleon’s Bakery — 4 min drive (16 min walk)


  • Nico’s Pier 38 — 15 min walk (4 min drive)

  • Local Joe — 12 min walk (3 min drive)

  • Chinatown — 9 min walk


Ala Moana Macy’s

  • Musubi Cafe Iyasume Lanai — 1 min drive (or 15 min walk)

  • The Modern — 9 min walk

  • Waikiki Brewing Company — 16 min walk (12 min drive)

Famous for their Coco Puffs. (No, not the cereal.) An old school diner and bakery with a loyal following.

Liliha Bakery


A close up of Coco Puff Pastries from Liliha Bakery in Oahu, Hawaii

Good to know





  • Coco Puffs (Green Tea flavor would be the runner up.)

  • Loco Moco (Try it with fried rice.)

  • Oxtail Soup (FYI: It comes with some grated ginger on the side. Pour a little soy sauce over it and mix it up. Then you can dip your oxtail meat in it.)

  • Grilled Butter Rolls with their famous jelly. (If you’re dining in, ask for them to split and grill it on the flat top.)

  • Poi Mochi Donuts (They make thousands of them a day.)

  • Chantilly Cake

  • Waffles

  • Cinnamon Raisin Bread French Toast

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  • Expect a line for baked goods. Thankfully, it moves fast. 

  • Their Coco Puffs get all the fame, but the Poi Mochi Donuts are really popular too. Oh, and they travel really well if you want to grab some to fly home with. They make more than 3000 of them a day.

  • Lots of the breakfast items (like their omelettes and loco moco) come with rice. Swap it with some garlic fried rice.

  • Keep the Coco Puffs refrigerated. They shouldn’t be left out at room temperature for too long. 

  • Their rolls and jelly have a cult following. A few of their dishes (like their loco moco) come with them on the side. If not, order one and ask them to split it and grill it.

  • They also make filled malasadas in flavors like apple, azuki, haupia, and lilikoi. Go early if you want your pick of any flavor. They start to sell out of flavors by the afternoon. Their malasadas are pretty big compared to others on the island. It’s mostly filling with a thin layer of puffed dough on the outside. 

  • Their Chantilly cream is different from what you find outside of Hawaii. In other places, Chantilly is like whipped cream. In Hawaii, Chantilly is a mixture of sugar, butter, evaporated milk, egg yolks, and a little bit of salt. It’s sweet and savory and really rich. 

  • If the counter seats are all taken at the original location, ask if you can sit at a “back of the house” table. It’s inside the kitchen and you can watch the bakers. 

  • At the Nimitz and Ala Moana locations, the last seating is an hour before closing time.

  • You can buy 32 oz containers of their pancake and waffle batter to go. 

  • You can order a customized cake if you’re celebrating a special occasion.



  • Five locations: The original location has its original retro counter and pre Covid was open 24 hours a day (except for Mondays when they’d close up shop). It’s your quintessential diner. The Ala Moana Macy’s location is the biggest.



  • They sell 5000 - 7000 Coco Puffs a day.

  • The original location was opened by the Takakuwa family in 1950. In 2008, they sold it to Peter Kim who owns other restaurants in Oahu. He opened the Nimitz location in 2014 and the Ala Moana one in 2019. 

  • The diner counter in the original location was in an episode of Hawaii Five-O.

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