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Hawaii Kai


Keiki & Plow is where kids get dirty and have fun visiting a 4-acre working farm. Everything here was created with them in mind. They can pick veggies, watch chickens lay eggs, pet goats, say hi to the bunnies, and play in a dirt sand box with tractor toys near the giant pirate ship. On field trips, kids can even taste fresh squeezed sugar cane from the small sugar cane mill on site. 


Husband and Wife cofounders Heather and Ryan Mohr moved to the property in 2017 with their 3 kids to slow down and be more immersed in nature. They turned it into a place where kids could spend their days outside, roaming free. They opened up their farm to educate families about food and the importance of locally grown produce in a fun way. 


Pre Covid, the farm was open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9am - 11am for community days. They hosted school field trips and special events (like farm yoga, festivals, and art workshops). Currently, they’re offering private playgroup sessions. At the moment, they’re offering private playgroup sessions to enjoy the farm.


They have lots of ideas for the future like gardening and cooking classes along with a Keiki Discovery Garden and maybe a farm cafe.

Covid Specific

  • They are pausing their open farm days for now. Instead they’re offering private playgroup sessions for groups of up to 10 people.

  • Adults and kids 5+ are asked to wear masks. 

  • All equipment and touchpoints are sanitized between groups.



587 Pakala St

Honolulu, HI 96825

Contact Info

Email or message them on FaceBook


  • Typically open Fri from 9am - 10am, but currently offering private playgroup sessions for groups of up to 10 people.

  • Closed on holidays, unless their website or social media says otherwise


$ - $$

  • Private Playgroups for up to 10 people: $100

  • U-pick baskets in various sizes: ($10/$20/$40)

  • Fresh eggs: $10/dozen.


  • Kona Brewing Co. — 5 min drive

  • Hanauma Bay — 9 min drive

  • Halona Blowhole — 9 min drive

  • Waikiki — 26 min drive

Kids and parents love this family-run, organic farm. Play in the dirt, harvest your own produce, and collect eggs from the chicken coops.

Keiki & Plow


Keiki and Plow - hero.png

Good to know





  • Closed-toe shoes and long pants. The chickens can get “pecky” and there may be mosquitoes in the spring. 

  • Bug spray to keep the mosquitoes away in the spring. 

  • Water bottle and snacks for the kids (and maybe grown ups too).



  • Porta Potty (Hey, it’s better than nothing.)

  • Hand Washing Stations

  • Shaded Play Area

  • Parking in front on a dirt / grassy area. 



  • Open Farm Days [Temporarily CLOSED] where anyone can come stop by without a reservation. For the timing being, you can book a Private Playgroup Session instead. 

  • U-Pick Farm and Harvest Days where depending on the season, you may find butter lettuce, kale, tomatoes, herbs, papaya, turmeric, and more. They’ll post what’s available on their Instagram and Facebook pages. You can also message them on Facebook to purchase specific produce or eggs. 

  • Volunteer Opportunities: There are always seeds to sow, weeds to pull, mulch to spread, and rocks to relocate. “We also have kids you can babysit if that's more your thing. :)” Contact them if you’d like to help out. 

  • Sugar Cane Maze.

noun_hand drawn lightbulb_698186.png


  • Bring cash if you’d like to leave a donation. 

  • You can purchase fresh eggs at the entrance or you can collect your own eggs from the chicken coops. 

  • On Farm Days (Temporarily UNAVAILABLE) come early. They’re only a couple hours long and then the owners have to get back to their kids and the farm chores.

  • There’s a small parking area that can hold about 12 cars, but if it’s full do not park on the street or you’ll get ticketed. You can park in the neighborhood on Kekupua St (about a 10 min walk away).

  • The multicolored, organic, free-range chicken eggs sell out fast, so come early to get them. 

Kid 5.png


  • Everything about this place is kid friendly.



  • Wife and husband owners Heather and Ryan Mohr are not actually farmers. Ryan was an entrepreneur and Heather was a preschool teacher. When they first moved out from California, they lived in Waikiki. When they eventually moved to Kuli‘ou‘ou they were able to grow a 10 x 10 garden and they and their kids fell in love with growing their own food. That’s what created the spark for Keiki & Plow. 

  • In early 2017, they spent months cleaning up the 4-acre property, hauling away trash and cutting back brush and weeds, to turn it into a working farm. 

  • The farm’s multicolored organic eggs are their most popular product. Their chickens are free-range.

Last Updated 9 / 20 / 21

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