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Diamond Head


There are plenty of farmers markets in Oahu, but this one has the biggest variety of vendors (around 80) selling local produce of course, but also dessert, plate lunches, and restaurant pop ups. There’s plenty to grab and go and eat right there as well as products and spices to fill up your pantry at home.

Everything here is locally grown or locally made. Try out the fried mochi balls, fresh grilled abalone, Hawaiian Crown pineapples, fresh pressed tropical juices, and lilikoi pies. Some of Honolulu’s top restaurants have pop ups here. People come specifically for Pig & The Lady’s Booth because it’s hard to get a table at their restaurant (and also pricey). Not to mention so many things to bring home, like Madre Chocolate, smoked sea salt, macadamia nuts in all different flavors, and island cookies.

KCC Farmers’ Market is on the Kapiolani Community College campus, right across from Diamond Head, which makes it the perfect place to stock up on snacks before or after your hike. (And the view is pretty nice too.)

It’s the most popular farmers market in Oahu, for both locals and tourists. It gets crowded and is all wrapped up by 11, so be sure to get there early.

Covid Specific

  • Face masks required at all times.

  • Social distancing of at least 6 ft is enforced.

  • Hand sanitizing stations placed around the market.

  • No eating or drinking in the market area. Grab & go only. 

  • They disinfect high touch surfaces throughout the market.

  • Saturdays only right now. No Tuesday market.



Kapiolani Community College - Parking Lot B

4303 Diamond Head Rd

Honolulu, HI 96816

Contact Info



  • Saturdays  ▭  7:30am - 11am


Click on “View This Week’s Market Map” on their homepage to see which vendors are showing up each week.


$ - $$


  • Cowcow’s Tea — 6 min drive

  • E.A.R.L. — 7 min drive

  • San Souci Beach — 8 min drive

  • Waikiki — 10 min drive

  • Maui Brewing Co. Waikiki — 10 min drive

Local coffee, tropical fruit, mac nuts, honey, and chocolate along with plate lunches, mochi, and local restaurant pop ups. Right across the street from Diamond Head.

KCC Farmers' Market


A booth at the KCC Farmers' Market in Oahu, Hawaii

Good to know





  • Cash.

  • Napkins or Wet Ones. There's tons of food and eating with your hands can get messy. 



  • There’s free parking in Parking Lot C.



Check their website to see which vendors will be there. 

  • The Pig & The Lady Breakfast Sandwiches, Roast Brisket Pho French Dip, and Pok Pok Green Papaya Salad (or really any of their rice or noodle dishes). (Here’s their farmers market schedule.)

  • Mason jar of Lemonade from Waimanalo Country Farm

  • Fried Mochi from Mochi Aulele

  • Macadamia Nut Soft Serve from Hawaiian Mac Nuts

  • Ma’Ona Musubi in all different flavors

  • Guava Smoked Pork

  • Big Island Abalone

  • OnoPop (popsicles in island flavors like Butter Mochi, Kona Latte, and Guava Tamarind)

  • Ube Pastries and Hawaiian Honey Furikake Puffs from La Tour Bakehouse

  • Hawaiian Crown Pineapple

  • Cheese and Butters from Naked Cow Dairy

  • North Shore Cattle Co

  • Madre Chocolate

  • Sea Salts of Hawaii

  • Sausage Sushi from 2 Lady Farmers

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  • Get there early to get a parking spot, some time before the crowds arrive, and the heat that comes after 9am. This is a popular market and it wraps up by 11 so the later you go, the more crowded it will be. If you’re there by 8am, you should avoid some lines and get first dibs on fresh fruit. Don’t worry, there are plenty of breakfast options. 

  • There’s lots of parking (although it gets tight as the day goes on) if you drive yourself, but you can also take TheBus, Uber, Lyft, or the Waikiki Trolley from Waikiki. 

  • Bring cash.

  • It’s right across from Diamond Head making it the perfect spot to stock up on snacks before your hike, or fuel up afterwards. 

  • You’ll find different fruits at different times of the year. Coconuts, pineapples, and papayas are available year round. Find lychee in the spring, passion fruit, lychee, and mangoes in the summer. The fall brings dragon fruit. In the winter you’ll find some more unusual things like longan and rambutan. 

  • Looking for souvenirs? There are macadamia nuts and Hawaiian sea salts in all different flavors. Madre Chocolates made from locally sourced cacao. Beef jerky, plants, and island cookies. We could go on...

  • Locals call it “the market at Diamond Head.”

  • Check out KCC’s cactus garden after you’re done with the market. 



  • Pre Covid there were tons of tour buses dropping people off every 10-15 minutes or so. That seems to be on pause for now, so enjoy an ever so slightly less crowded market for the time being. 

  • There are other farmers markets in Oahu, but they’re going to mostly sell produce. KCC draws a ton of locals as well, but has a greater mix of prepared foods, snacks, crafts, plants, spices, etc.



  • Check out 808 Bow Wow for some pet souvenirs, like dog treats made with locally grown veggies.



  • This is the largest farmers market in Honolulu. 

Last Updated 5 / 24 / 21

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