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Waikiki + Kaka’ako


When Kauai based Holey Grail Donuts brought their taro donuts to Oahu served out of a food truck, the hype drew huge lines. They now have a brick and mortar shop in addition to their bright yellow truck (named Goldie), but they’re still just as popular. 


These aren’t your typical donut shop donuts. First off, they’re so pretty. Second, they’re made from local taro and fried in organic coconut oil, so they’re like a cake donut, but with a crisp exterior. They’re fried to order and served hot.


They’re flavored with glazes and toppings, all made in house and from Hawaiian grown  ingredients like honey, cacao, pink dragon fruit, and pretty flowers for decoration. The menu has a couple OG flavors that never change (like their Reincarnated or Schrute Farms) along with seasonal flavors that change weekly.

Head’s up, they’re pretty pricey for donuts ($4 per donut unless you get their sampler), but their unique flavors, housemade and locally grown approach, keep people coming.


You can also grab great draft coffee here — served black, iced, as a latte, chai, you name it. They make their own nut milk which is also used in their vegan chocolate mylk (with cashew, coconut, Manoa cacao, maple, and sea salt). 


Everything here is vegan. The donuts are fried in organic coconut oil and their housemade nut milk is a dairy substitute for their coffee drinks.




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Location #1: Honolulu Flagship 

1001 Queen Street

Honolulu, Hawaii 96814




  • Sun - Thurs  ▭  7am - 7pm

  • Fri + Sat  ▭  7am 9pm

Location #2: Waikiki Food Truck

325 Seaside ave.

Honolulu, Hawaii 96815


+1 808-634-8838



  • Daily  ▭  7am -2pm



  • Donut: $4 each

  • Tasting Box (4 seasonal donuts): $15

  • Coffee Drinks: ~$4 - $6


Ward Village location

  • Siren’s Bath — 8 min walk

  • The Modern Honolulu — 5 min drive

Waikiki location

  • Maui Brewing Co. Waikiki — 2 min walk

  • Island Vintage Coffee — 2 min walk

  • The Laylow — 3 min walk

  • Kona Coffee Purveyors | b patisserie — 4 min walk

  • Maguro Brothers — 5 min walk

  • Waikiki Beach — 6 min walk

Instagrammable taro donuts with a cult following. Fried to order. Everything is made in house. New flavors every week. Coffee drinks made with housemade nut milk.

Holey Grail Donuts


Holey Grail Donuts Hero.png

Good to know





  • If you’re ordering a single donut, and not planning to eat it right there, bring a bag or container to carry it in. They only box up  donuts if you order 2 or more.



  • Free Parking at the Flagship location in the Whole Foods parking structure across the street.



​Their seasonal flavors rotate weekly, so no guarantee these will be there when you go….


  • Sampler Box: 4 different flavors including their weekly seasonal ones

  • Schrute Farms: Maui Strawberry, Beet, and Thai Basil

  • Reincarnated: Maple glaze, smoked coconut chips, sea salt, and bacon

  • L&L: Meyer Lemon with Tahitian Lime Curd


  • Draft latte

  • Chocolate Mylk with cashew, coconut, Manoa cacao, maple, and sea salt.

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  • Expect to wait about 10-15 minutes because all donuts are fried to order. 

  • Order ahead if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to wait. 

  • If you’re ordering a single donut and don’t plan on eating it right there, bring a bag or container for it. If you order 2 or more, they’ll box them up. 

  • The sampler box (with 4 donuts) costs the same as 3 individual donuts. 

  • The seasonal flavors change weekly, but a few flavors stay put — like Island Chocolate, Hot Single, Schrute Farms, and Reincarnated.



  • Holey Grail Donuts was started in Kauai in 2018.

  • In 2020 they opened in Oahu with a food truck. In January 2021, they did a 5 month pop up until they opened their own brick and mortar shop in Ward Village. 

  • Their yellow Waikiki food truck is named Goldie. 

  • It was founded by brother and sister, Nile and Hana Dreiling. They bought an old burger truck from what used to be Kaua’i Burger..When they first opened, they sold burgers and donuts on Sundays only. The siblings are originally from Oregon. 

  • In 2022, Tony Hawk became an investor and they opened a shop in Santa Monica, CA. 

  • All their ingredients are grown in Hawaii. Their taro comes from Pomai Kūlolo in Kailua. Honey is from Tolentino Honey in Waianae. Cacao is from Mānoa Chocolate. Citrus and dragon fruit are grown by AlohaHoneyBee Family Farm in Kilauea. 

  • Everything here is 100% plant based. 

  • Their poi dough is made from a proprietary mix. It starts off the same way you’d make poi, steaming locally grown taro, then pounding it. When the molecules break down, they combine it with wheat flour to create a dough. 

  • The siblings started the business as a way to promote sustainability, with locally-produced ingredients. 

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