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What to Pack for Oahu

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Don't forget anything major (or minor).

Gentle Monster sunglasses

The obvious stuff like swimsuit, sunglasses, and lightweight breathable clothing, sandals or flip flops.

Supergoop reef safe sunscreen

Reef Safe Sunscreen. (All other kinds are banned in Hawaii.)

a neon yellow Turkish beach towel

Beach towel and preferably one that won’t take up much space in your luggage. Check with your hotel. They may provide them.

A straw hat from Madewell

A hat. The sun can be intense.

Black Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

Backpack or belt bag. A backpack is a must if you’re going on any hikes, but you can get by with a belt bag if you’re sticking to Honolulu.

Sun Bum Aloe Cool Down Gel

Aloe Vera: Hopefully you stay sunburn free, but if you do get burnt, you’ll be glad you have this.


The text reads "Nice to Have Oahu Packing List" with a row of surfboards in the background

Here are all the things that you’ll be just fine without, but oh-so-friggin happy if you pack them for Hawaii.

Two waterproof phone pouches in bright blue and black

A waterproof phone pouch comes in handy at the beach, on kayak trips, or if you’re worried about rain on a hike. They also keep sand out of your phone. Look for ones with a lanyard so you have the option to wear it around your neck.

A light blue Hydro Flask vacuum sealed water bottle

Refillable water bottle: Opt for a vacuum sealed one to keep your water cold all day. Something you can throw in a backpack and take to the beach or on a hike. We like Hydro Flask because it keeps things super cold and it’s more compact than other insulated water bottles. Wide mouth bottles are great because they’re the easiest to throw ice cubes into.

A white external charger

External Charger / Power Bank: Charge your phone or laptop when you're on the go. If you’re away from your hotel for the day or spending a day using Google Maps, you’ll be glad you can recharge anywhere.

A black snorkel mask

Snorkel Gear. If you plan to go to Hanauma Bay or think you’ll snorkel more than once or twice, it might be worth bringing your own rather than renting.

GoPro Hero12 Black

Go Pro Hereo12. For underwater videos, scenic hikes, and all around waterproof, rugged friendly photo situations. Don’t forget a Memory Card. There are also GoPro mounts for surfboards, SUPs, kayaks, etc.

Burt's Bees baby powder

Baby Powder. This sounds crazy but if you dust yourself with baby powder when you’re getting ready to leave the beach, it’ll dry up the sand and you can wipe it right off.

Wet Ones wet wipes

Wet Ones come in handy, especially if you plan to hit up some garlic shrimp food trucks (where a few napkins just won’t do the trick).

Wet Dry bag with XO black and white print

Garbage bags or Wet / Dry Bags. Store wet clothes or muddy shoes after hikes or a trip to the beach. Wet / Dry bags (typically used for diaper bags) are great for storing wet stuff until you get back to your hotel (without getting the rest of your stuff wet).

Dark blue mini personal fan that is shaped like a little bear.

Mini Personal Fan. A good idea if you’re worried about not being able to cool off during the summer or planning some intense activities. There are some cute rechargeable handheld ones that look a bit like bears, ones that sit around your neck, and everything in between


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