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The Absolute Best Times to Go to Oahu

There’s really no bad time to go to Oahu. Even in the coldest months, it rarely dips below 60°. But there are times when it will be less rainy or less expensive. And the winter vs summer on the North Shore makes a big difference.


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The cheapest times to fly to Oahu are February and March (minus Spring break). September - October is another time to find great deals on hotels and more since it’s the off season. November’s not too bad either. Mid

December through early January are by far the most expensive times to go.

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The least crowded times to go to Oahu are from September through mid December. The summer crowd has gone home, but the holiday crowd hasn’t arrived yet. April through early June is another time to avoid the crowds.

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Warming up but not brutally hot.

April - June​

Plus the crowds haven’t arrived yet (with the exception of spring break). The waves are also a lot calmer than in the winter.

Warmest water and the North Shore waves are calm enough to swim and snorkel

July - September

Summer is when it’s warmest and also when the North Shore waves are the most calm. July through September is the hottest time of year. In fact, August is the hottest, but also the least humid month.

Just know that this is the busiest season, so plan to do hikes and other activities early in the morning to beat the heat and the crowds. Expect more traffic this time of year too.

Avoid the rainiest times

Skip mid November - late March

Keep this in mind if you’re planning any hikes that can be more dangerous when it’s muddy (like Ka’au Crater Trail or Moanalua Valley Ridge Trail).

Deals on hotels and activities, but the weather’s still nice and the crowds are smaller

Fall (September - November)

Go in the Fall if you want good deals with small crowds. This is also a good time to surf the North Shore if you’re not a pro.

Watch pro surfers catch monster waves on the North Shore


It rains more this time of year, but still gets into the 80s. Heads up, these huge North Shore waves make swimming and snorkeling dangerous, so you’ll want to head to the Waikiki area for that.

The text reads "When to see whales in Oahu" with a photo of the Honolulu skyline.

From December - May humpback whales migrate off the coast.


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